Check out the information below to find out how to take your first steps on the IoT JumpWay Developer Program. If you do not have a developer account already you can click here to register. Once registered login via the IoT JumpWay Develeper Program login area and follow the steps below to get your first IoT device and application connected to the IoT JumpWay.

Taking your first steps..

The first step to do is to create your first IoT JumpWay Location, each Location Space represents a physical location such as a home or office, further down the line you will assign Zones, Devices and Applications to the Location Spaces you have created, but for now we will take things slowly and focus on taking it one step at a time.

In BETA the Location Spaces are free so all you need to do is create a new Location Space and you are on your way. From the Developer Dashboard click on the "Location Spaces" button in the main menu on the left to toggle the drop down navigation, then click on the "Create Location" button.




Creating your first Location Space..

Once you have landed on the "Creat Location" page, things should be fairly straight forward from here. Follow the instructions on the page and fill out all required fields then click on the "Create Location Space" button. If you have filled out all of the required fields you will be provided with your API Keys for the Applications REST API. At this point you should make a note of these and keep them safe, you will be able to reset these in the future but you will not be able to retrieve the ones issued in this stage of the setup.



You have now set up your first IoT JumpWay Location Space, to go through the next stage of setting up your IoT JumpWay Network, click on the button below.