Now you are ready for the next stage. In the previous tutorial you learnt how to create your first Location Space which represents a physical location such as a home or office. Now we will take you through the short process of assigning Zones to the Location Space you just created.

Creating your first Location Zone..

Now you have created your first Location Space, lets set up your first Location Zone. A Zone represents a zone within your Location Space. For example if your Location Space represented your home, you could make your first Location Zone your living room, dining room , kitchen or garden. In the left hand menu click on the "Location Zones" button to toggle the drop down navigation, then click on the "Create Zone" button.




Complete your Location Zone creation..

Once you have landed on the "Creat Zone" page, things should be fairly straight forward from here. Follow the instructions on the page, select your Location Space that you wish to assign the Zone to, add a name for the Zone and click on the "Create Location Zone" button.



You have now set up your first IoT JumpWay Location Zone, to go through the next stage of setting up your IoT JumpWay Network, click on the button below.